The Best Fresh Fish: A Guide for the Home Cook

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Initially, we should take a gander at where you may purchase your fish.

Fishing boats. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you will live near a fishing port, and have the option to purchase legitimately off the boat as the fish is landed. You are looking for the day boats, not the colossal trawlers who have been out for a considerable length of time. Some fishermen are happy to offer direct to the general population, and some aren’t. You can just ask.

Fish Markets. These may be at the dockside of the above fishing ports, or they may be in large urban areas, several miles inland from the sea. These stock the fish retail trade, yet also restaurants and caterer’s providers. Again, a few traders may be happy to offer to you, although they may wish to deal in quantities unreasonably large for your needs. A few markets will have retail areas or stalls specifically for the general open. Search them out, yet go early in the day.

The Fishmonger. On the off chance that your town has a fishmonger, at that point use them. Become more acquainted with them, become regular clients, ask their advice. They ought to have the option to disclose to you what is new in, what is local (in case you’re near the sea) and what is flown in from halfway around the world and perhaps already somewhat “worn out” from its voyage. They ought to also have the option to advise you on the most proficient method to cook the fish, especially for the species that are unfamiliar to you – many a bargain can be had with the less basic species, especially if local, as they are less in demand, so frequently will go at a truly reasonable cost.

The General Store or Supermarket. A portion of the larger supermarkets has wet fish counters, with staff who will have had training ranging from incredible to non-existent. Trust your instincts; if you think the staff appears to recognize what they are talking about, at that point tune in to their advice. In any case, recollect that they will regularly be pushing the lines as coordinated by their management.

What to search for when buying fish.

New fish regularly doesn’t smell of fish; it scents of the sea. The fish should look as on the off chance that it could swim away, given a suitable stretch of water. The hues will be vibrant, scales (if unmistakable) will shine like sequins, and the eyes bright and unsunken. Try not to be put off by sludge; probably the freshest fish you can find is shrouded in it. Search for “hardened crisp” fish, which is still in thoroughness Mortis – although you may want to wait for this to die down before cooking.


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